Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stonehenge Origins Debunked

The phenomenon of the Stonehenge and how it was constructed has befuddled many engineers by the feat of our ancestors as they did not have technological advances to move a 30 feet tall and 25 ton rock when they did not have a pulley system. Stonehenge is to believed to have been built in 2500 BC  and with further investigation I found that during this time Europe was still in the Stone Age. With the help of fellow Ancient Astronaut theorist, Giorgio Tsoukalos, he will further expand your mind to see things differently:

As he will explain it is believed that extraterrestrials helped move those stones with acoustic levitation, thus being able to safely transport them 200 miles to where they stand now.

They are out there, they only way to find out if they are is to expand our knowledge and escape the status quot.



  1. I love this one. This topic is so interesting, I'm so excited you are doing this blog. You should do the Bermuda Triangle.

  2. I literally agree with all of this