Sunday, May 22, 2016

Heaven or Hell?

This has been the driving force for our very existence since we have been able to read and write, people live their lives with this in mind. Where will they go after death? Which is idiocy because who is to know where they will go, we were told that be being good we will go to heaven but if we sinned we would go to hell. But who is to say there are set right and wrong things in life. What if one did something because he thought he was right while to others he was doing wrong. Would you send him to hell because he did what he believed not what the majority believed in? Since the beginning religion has been a ploy to control the minds of the uneducated, and the helpless (in specific Christianity)
Then there is the belief of reincarnation, where after death one is then reanimated back to Earth  as a new living being. Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism all believed in reincarnation. These religions believed that reincarnation is cyclical and an endless Samsara, unless one gains spiritual enlightenment that ends the cycle leading to liberation. Reincarnation doesn't divide death and life in fact in puts the two together where you have life you have death and can not have one without the other. 

What is said in science is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, meaning that energy is always changing based on the law of conservation of energy. Meaning that as we die we still live on though it may not be in the same form we continue to live. My mother said that we are tied to people in this world, that we have met that person in earlier lives hence deja-vu, and we can tell by the "vibe" we get when with them. That feeling you get when your with someone and you feel that you've known them forever. This feeling is what we keep coming back for, until we become connected with this person and reach spiritual enlightenment to move on from these worldly things.

This is one of the greatest mystery and fear that we as a species become concerned over because we have become attached to this world and dont want to leave it, while in fact we were made for it. We are tied to it.

The Grays

The Grays have been believed to be a species of extraterrestrials that has interacted the most with our species. Many believe that they have interacted with our ancestors and showing them the way of science. While there are no actual proof there are drawings made by civilizations across the globe meaning that they all had a similar experience of a higher being coming down to them.

Curiosity is what killed the cat. We are a very curious and adventurous species so it is not strange for us to find answers to something that we do not know, which is what the Grays are to our question of "is there life somewhere else?". There has been many sightings of UFOs and stories of abductions told by people across the globe as well as writings, pictures, and statues of these beings that are humanoid but entirely  homo sapiens. The bible refers to "God" making us in his image so what is wrong with the idea of an extraterrestrial species coming to Earth and making us into their image.
As you can see our skeleton closely resembles that of the Gray image above (what is to be believed as). With similar jaw structure, and large cranium. These are qualities completely different from our ancestors, yes you could say its the Theory of Evolution or Natural selection. While Natural Selection is a possibility, I disapproved of this in an earlier post Aliens and the Creation of Man, which I wrote that there was an outer influence on our evolution to make us who we are now. So the Grays could very well be our "God" who made us in his image. But there has been very little proof of their very existence except for eye witness reports and what we have gathered from earlier civilizations. The possibilities are endless, we need to continue to push forward and learn more from our mistakes to make a better future.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Is it a coincidence that there has been many sightings of this so called Bigfoot all around the world, and that there are folklore that go with each area. There has been many sightings recently but they have all been hoaxes, people dressing up as a big hairy beast trying to scare locals away or just for a little fun. This has been a conspiracy theory that has been kept alive through viral youtube theories. But the question still remains how did this start up? How did the fear of a humanoid beast prowling the forests start up?

 What has stared up popular belief is that Bigfoot is himself an extraterrestrial. The possibility than an extinct breed of homosapians have survived in the wilderness with no contact with humans is obscured.   A possible solution to how they could have survived these past decades is that they come and go as they please, they are an alien race that arrived at the time of our ancestors and helped them evolve. As we evolved they began to watch us in the shadows and observe our behaviors. The reason as to why we haven't seen any real proof of them on Earth is because they are not on Earth and are constantly coming and going, watching our progression. Some believe that they will appear when the time is right to guide us in the right direction.

Friday, May 6, 2016


Wormholes are the shortcuts to the universe. They are the future of space travel. The down side of a wormhole is that they require huge amounts of energy to be made, take an atomic bomb for example that when explodes releases the same energy as approximately 20,000 tons of TNT. In order for a wormhole to work it is estimated that it requires a million times more energy than an atomic bomb to work. There is a possibility with what scientists call "exotic matter" or negative matter. While they havent discovered it it is still a theory that may as well exist.

In 1991, scientists from Vanderbilt University proposed that the chaos of the Big Bang could have also created mini wormholes. While by the time they were created billions of years ago since the Big Bang they would have been the size of an atom, but since then the universe has been expanding meaning that the wormhole would stretch along with it.
If these wormholes have been there since the beginning of time could aliens from the past have used them to travel to Earth? This would explain how ancient man could have seen such 'Godly' beings and made stories about them.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Loch Ness

The mystery of Lake Loch Ness is one that has been the focale point of many movies, it has inspired great minds to create magnificent stories of a possible creature that dwells in the darkest depths of the lake.There has been many sightings of this possible creature, the infamous photo taken
has been in major controversy about what is actually in the picture. The controversy of wether it is actually a creature or a piece of drift wood has been in question.

What many fail to believe is the impossible. There is a large amount of quart build up in the bottom of the lake.  According to physicist Dr. John Brandenburg the theory of time travel is plausible due to the large concentration of quartz in the lake combined with the pressure of the water is capable of generating enormous amounts of electromagnetism. Which is capable of causing a ripple in the space and time continuum allowing the creature to swim back and forth between the Crustaceous time period and the 21st century.  
This could be the reason as to why many of the sonar scans across the ocean have not been able to pick up any signs of the creature ever being there, because it comes and goes when the time is right. When the quartz at the bottom of the lake have generated enough power to rip a whole in space and time. All the sightings are just mere coincidences that they happen to be at the right place at the right time to catch a glimpse of what is an extinct creature doing what we believe to be the impossible. Time traveling.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Aliens and the Creation of Man

   The beginning of man is all a mystery, that we are now slowly uncovering with the advancement of new technology. We have accepted this idea of a superior being creating us into existence, but what if that is half correct, what if we were created but not in the same way it is written in the Bible.

    According to Darwin in his book The Origin of Species, he explains evolution was a result of natural selection. Which in simple terms is a long term process where better-adapted individuals reproduce more successfully. We as a species have evolved to shed our skin, have a bigger brain, stand upright. What to me and many scientist does not make sense is to why we shed our fur, because after we had to wear fur off of other animals to keep us warm in the winter, which is what British zoologist Desmond Morris argued in his book The Naked Ape. While others argue that it does make sense because the early bipedal hominids came out of the forests in Africa into the savannahs where they had more sun and thermal radiation to cope with.

According to Alfred Russel Wallace, a colleague of Darwin, called it the intelligence evolution. Wallace could not see how Darwin's natural selection could prove how we have evolved so drastically, he believed that the human brain and its intellectual faculties are qualitatively different from anything that had preceded them. He believed that this ginormous gap could not have been bridged through natural selection alone, which is where he believed that there was an unseen creative spirit of all life on Earth. He believed this spirit came down to Earth three times: First to create life from inorganic matter; Second was when animals achieved some kind of consciousness; Thirdly was when humans achieved the same kind of mental awareness that we have now. He believed that this wasnt just random occurrences like what Darwin thought he believed that this changes had a creative intelligence behind it.

    This unseen creative spirit could easily be an extraterrestrial that was curious in our biology. The belief of our "creation" could possibly be the moment that extraterrestrials came to Earth and made us in their image while keeping our individuality.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Christian God


    One of the biggest controversial conversations nowadays is whether God is real or not. People believe in God because it is the easy way out of the reason of everything that is. Humans are scared of the unknown so with this belief of a higher being that controls our lives and what we are supposed to do, it gives people a sense of safety. They fail to realize that nothing is set. Ever. Time is constantly changing.

    What many people fail to realize is that during these early years or civilization science was founded as of yet, they believed it was all magical beyond their belief. This realization that there is a higher being was thought of to be true no questions asked. Religion was a tool used by the priests, kings, and lords to keep people in line and not go a-wall. They needed a way of order to do this, the belief that if you did anything wrong would lead you to an eternity of misery in the afterlife really scared the commoners. By imbuing this the commoners were easily influenced into doing the "right" thing.

    Going into a specific event the Great Flood was an event caused by God to wash away the sins of humans, as according to the Bible. How accurate is the Bible really? It was written down through generations, copied by thousands across different lands in different languages, the is a huge possibility for mistakes to occur. 
   Scripture speaks of demons penetrating the world physically by interbreeding with humans, Genesis 6:4. Giants were the results of this interbreeding. This interbreeding is what i believe the Great Flood was really for. "God" was unhappy with this creatures that were born so he made a flood to wipe them off the earth. The "demons" that breed with the humans couldn't have been spirits they must have been physical, which brings into question, who are they referring to? If you consider this theme will all alien abduction cases, which usually involve tests on the abducted subject, as well as reproductive experiments. These "demons" that are referred to could easily have been early alien abductions/ experimentations , and when they saw what their tests created, giants, they were displeased with the results and wiped away what they created.

This would be a modern day Noah's Ark, a sustainable floating city that could support life.