Friday, March 18, 2016

Aliens and the Creation of Man

   The beginning of man is all a mystery, that we are now slowly uncovering with the advancement of new technology. We have accepted this idea of a superior being creating us into existence, but what if that is half correct, what if we were created but not in the same way it is written in the Bible.

    According to Darwin in his book The Origin of Species, he explains evolution was a result of natural selection. Which in simple terms is a long term process where better-adapted individuals reproduce more successfully. We as a species have evolved to shed our skin, have a bigger brain, stand upright. What to me and many scientist does not make sense is to why we shed our fur, because after we had to wear fur off of other animals to keep us warm in the winter, which is what British zoologist Desmond Morris argued in his book The Naked Ape. While others argue that it does make sense because the early bipedal hominids came out of the forests in Africa into the savannahs where they had more sun and thermal radiation to cope with.

According to Alfred Russel Wallace, a colleague of Darwin, called it the intelligence evolution. Wallace could not see how Darwin's natural selection could prove how we have evolved so drastically, he believed that the human brain and its intellectual faculties are qualitatively different from anything that had preceded them. He believed that this ginormous gap could not have been bridged through natural selection alone, which is where he believed that there was an unseen creative spirit of all life on Earth. He believed this spirit came down to Earth three times: First to create life from inorganic matter; Second was when animals achieved some kind of consciousness; Thirdly was when humans achieved the same kind of mental awareness that we have now. He believed that this wasnt just random occurrences like what Darwin thought he believed that this changes had a creative intelligence behind it.

    This unseen creative spirit could easily be an extraterrestrial that was curious in our biology. The belief of our "creation" could possibly be the moment that extraterrestrials came to Earth and made us in their image while keeping our individuality.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Christian God


    One of the biggest controversial conversations nowadays is whether God is real or not. People believe in God because it is the easy way out of the reason of everything that is. Humans are scared of the unknown so with this belief of a higher being that controls our lives and what we are supposed to do, it gives people a sense of safety. They fail to realize that nothing is set. Ever. Time is constantly changing.

    What many people fail to realize is that during these early years or civilization science was founded as of yet, they believed it was all magical beyond their belief. This realization that there is a higher being was thought of to be true no questions asked. Religion was a tool used by the priests, kings, and lords to keep people in line and not go a-wall. They needed a way of order to do this, the belief that if you did anything wrong would lead you to an eternity of misery in the afterlife really scared the commoners. By imbuing this the commoners were easily influenced into doing the "right" thing.

    Going into a specific event the Great Flood was an event caused by God to wash away the sins of humans, as according to the Bible. How accurate is the Bible really? It was written down through generations, copied by thousands across different lands in different languages, the is a huge possibility for mistakes to occur. 
   Scripture speaks of demons penetrating the world physically by interbreeding with humans, Genesis 6:4. Giants were the results of this interbreeding. This interbreeding is what i believe the Great Flood was really for. "God" was unhappy with this creatures that were born so he made a flood to wipe them off the earth. The "demons" that breed with the humans couldn't have been spirits they must have been physical, which brings into question, who are they referring to? If you consider this theme will all alien abduction cases, which usually involve tests on the abducted subject, as well as reproductive experiments. These "demons" that are referred to could easily have been early alien abductions/ experimentations , and when they saw what their tests created, giants, they were displeased with the results and wiped away what they created.

This would be a modern day Noah's Ark, a sustainable floating city that could support life.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pyramids of Giza Pt. 2

Why were the Pyramids built? What is the real purpose of them?


       As my dear friends from Ancient Aliens proposed is that the pyramids are a way of energy, a way to create this self sustaining energy through hydrogen. They believe that this was a means of solution to our problems here on Earth of limited resources. But what i believe is something a little more believable.
    I am showing this again so you can get a better look at layout of the pyramid. My theory at the purpose of the shafts is more of a signal, a powerful beacon that can reach to the ends of the galaxy. The extraterrestrials left them a "walkie-talkie" to be able to communicate to them if the Egyptians ever needed their help. If not then it would work as a light with a moth, other beings would be attracted to this microwave and come to Earth seeking the reason to it. What if the pyramids are but a way to let the universe and everything in it aware that we are here. 
    If what the ancient astronaut theorists say is true then the Egyptians must-of had some kind of machine to be able to collect all the energy and transfer it to something else. There is no evidence of such a machine existing. 
    Back to this picture from a previous post, the shafts could lead directly to the extraterrestrials that could have helped our ancestors. When they helped build the pyramids they left these shafts to the Egyptians to allow them to communicate at a later time with them. 
  If they are meant for a beacon i am not sure of what they would take of it, wether it be aggressive or passively, is up to our imaginations. They only thing we can do is prepare for the worst, and unite as one. If we are this separated because of stupid things like skin color then we will never be able to prevent an alien invasion. And defend our planet.