Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pyramids of Giza Pt. 2

Why were the Pyramids built? What is the real purpose of them?


       As my dear friends from Ancient Aliens proposed is that the pyramids are a way of energy, a way to create this self sustaining energy through hydrogen. They believe that this was a means of solution to our problems here on Earth of limited resources. But what i believe is something a little more believable.
    I am showing this again so you can get a better look at layout of the pyramid. My theory at the purpose of the shafts is more of a signal, a powerful beacon that can reach to the ends of the galaxy. The extraterrestrials left them a "walkie-talkie" to be able to communicate to them if the Egyptians ever needed their help. If not then it would work as a light with a moth, other beings would be attracted to this microwave and come to Earth seeking the reason to it. What if the pyramids are but a way to let the universe and everything in it aware that we are here. 
    If what the ancient astronaut theorists say is true then the Egyptians must-of had some kind of machine to be able to collect all the energy and transfer it to something else. There is no evidence of such a machine existing. 
    Back to this picture from a previous post, the shafts could lead directly to the extraterrestrials that could have helped our ancestors. When they helped build the pyramids they left these shafts to the Egyptians to allow them to communicate at a later time with them. 
  If they are meant for a beacon i am not sure of what they would take of it, wether it be aggressive or passively, is up to our imaginations. They only thing we can do is prepare for the worst, and unite as one. If we are this separated because of stupid things like skin color then we will never be able to prevent an alien invasion. And defend our planet.


  1. yesss. i saw this on ancient aliens and i think its aliens.

  2. The pyramids are my favorite topic to read upon. How they came to be, who built them, and when? Though we have historical documents that depict this, there is still so much mystery intertwined with it all.