Sunday, May 22, 2016

Heaven or Hell?

This has been the driving force for our very existence since we have been able to read and write, people live their lives with this in mind. Where will they go after death? Which is idiocy because who is to know where they will go, we were told that be being good we will go to heaven but if we sinned we would go to hell. But who is to say there are set right and wrong things in life. What if one did something because he thought he was right while to others he was doing wrong. Would you send him to hell because he did what he believed not what the majority believed in? Since the beginning religion has been a ploy to control the minds of the uneducated, and the helpless (in specific Christianity)
Then there is the belief of reincarnation, where after death one is then reanimated back to Earth  as a new living being. Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism all believed in reincarnation. These religions believed that reincarnation is cyclical and an endless Samsara, unless one gains spiritual enlightenment that ends the cycle leading to liberation. Reincarnation doesn't divide death and life in fact in puts the two together where you have life you have death and can not have one without the other. 

What is said in science is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, meaning that energy is always changing based on the law of conservation of energy. Meaning that as we die we still live on though it may not be in the same form we continue to live. My mother said that we are tied to people in this world, that we have met that person in earlier lives hence deja-vu, and we can tell by the "vibe" we get when with them. That feeling you get when your with someone and you feel that you've known them forever. This feeling is what we keep coming back for, until we become connected with this person and reach spiritual enlightenment to move on from these worldly things.

This is one of the greatest mystery and fear that we as a species become concerned over because we have become attached to this world and dont want to leave it, while in fact we were made for it. We are tied to it.


  1. Love this interpretation. It's always such a controversial topic and people just won't take the time to consider all of the different theories. There are so many interesting ones.

  2. Ryan you never fail to amuse me with your fascinating stories. I'm really going to miss you blog.