Friday, February 12, 2016

Pyramids of Giza

    The pyramids of Giza are are one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is a technological feat by our ancestors that has befuddled scientists at how this could've been possible. During this time period the Egyptians were one of the most technological advanced civilizations, but they did not have the tools to move 10 ton stones. The only possible way would be moving each stone with 100+ slaves using logs and ropes, they did not have a pulley system to lift the stones off the ground and place them in such a symmetrical design. The stones were cut in a way where they would all fit together, as if it were legos, how could simple humans with no knowledge of science be able to create such a feat.

    There are many theories of how this could have been possible one way is with a a huge ramp. What seems to be a plausible idea is actually improbable. If they did build a ramp it would require more stones than the actual pyramid itself, it would be a waste of time and materials to make such a ramp.

     Another possible way would have been with a ramp going along the sides of the pyramid, going up as the built the pyramid. While this seems possible there are small things to take into consideration that wouldn't allow this to work. The reasons it cannot work is because the stones are only 2 feet wide, not wide enough to support the weight of the 2 ton stones. The pyramid is said to be exactly symmetrical, the sides of the pyramids are 230.4 meters, this wouldn't have been possible with this type of construction.

      This type of construction is the most reasonable as there are traces of these type of tunnels within the pyramids. They way this would have worked is as they would build the tunnels at the same rate as the pyramid. They would transport the stones throughout the tunnels that would lead out to the corners of the pyramid where they would arrange the stones.

    Going back to my post about the stonehenge where it was believed that aliens used acoustic levitation to lift the stones and place them precisely where they wanted them. It is possible that the gods the Egyptians praised could have helped them build the pyramids. It is believed that the pyramids have a special purpose that is not just to help their kings pass on to the their next life.

    On the topic of kings the process of mummifications must have came from somewhere, one cannot think of wrapping someone and putting them in a sarcophagus that would help pass to the next life. what ancient astronaut theorists believe is that the Egyptians saw the extraterrestrials arrive in a capsule from the sky, coming out of cryogenic stasis. So the Egyptians tried to copy this process trying to be like the "gods" (extraterrestrials) by mummifying their kings mimicking cryogenic stasis. The act of putting them into a sarcophagus was supposed to be the capsule the extraterrestrials arrived in, so they thought that the extraterrestrials would come and pick up their kings.

    It is believed that the pyramids were left in an arrangement similar to the Orion's Belt was on purpose to leave a message, maybe that that is where they came from. What if they left this message to tell us that if we ever solved the mysteries of the universe and are able to traverse the final frontier that this is where they are. Many clues have been left behind by them, we need to find out the real meaning of the universe, what our history really is, why we are here?,  how did it all start?


  1. You're posts are honestly better than the show Ancient Aliens

  2. aliens built the pyramids. yes.

  3. Love learning about this. We still have so much to learn from it all.