Friday, February 26, 2016

Atlantis : True Origins

     It is believed (by Plato) that Atlantis was this great technological civilization that was ahead of all other civilizations. They had a Navy that was far superior than Greece, was able to build enormous buildings of technological feat that those of the time couldn't understand. He had written about Atlantis in the 1660's. He said that Atlantis disappeared over night suddenly, during the event there was fire and smoke everywhere.

    Although it is a concept drawing this is represents what could have been the misinterpreted Atlantis. When Plato says Atlantis disappeared over night in fire and smoke what he could have been referring to was the ship that had taken refuge on the water and was taking off. If you compare this to a rocket being launched it is very similar. As the rocket takes off 300,000 gallons of water are used to cool the pad surface and suppress the potentially damaging sound waves generated during launch. What if the smoke and fire that Plato saw was Atlantis taking off to go somewhere else, which is why we have multiple instances of places all over the world mentioning a great island of technological advances.

    In this link it will sum up all that i have said and give you more to think about.
I will go more in depth on the mystery of Atlantis in future posts.

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  1. Wow, fantastic theory. It would be absolutely crazy if this turned out to be correct.